Kindness Abounds

It’s easier said than done of course, but my intention is to emanate Kindness. All day. Every day.

[Deep sigh] The reality: it’s hard. “I’m late for work and this person cut me off in traffic.” Kindness. “It’s so stressful with the work week, running the kids around and having to get dinner, etc.” Kindness. “How the heck am I supposed to put forth kindness when I feel like a hamster on a wheel just trying to keep up? How can I have time for kindness?”

These are excuses abound and need not be a part of our world. There is no stress in the world that can be measured? We create it. It only exists within us. You cannot capture it from the ether and the air around us.

Maybe we can just choose not to partake in any of it. Adopt grace instead. Anoint peace as your spiritual companion. Leave anger by the roadside. Seize patience as your hostage and don’t allow her to escape you.

Kindness Abounds

Running With It

I’ve come to learn that it’s more important to move forward rather than stand around looking for the correct answer.

Not that that’s not important, but sometimes I find myself procrastinating because I’m afraid of getting it wrong.

Then again, I’m reminded so very often, that when getting it wrong repeatedly, is my greatest learning tool.

If we get it wrong so what. Let’s not place so much importance on that.

Instead maybe we can focus on the increase in the learning curve rather than finding the answer immediately.

If that’s the case, then pick an idea and run with it.

Rising Up Together

There is scientific evidence that when large groups of people come together and focus on the same intention of Love, Kindness, Empathy and more, there is not only a coherence that takes place between the group, but the energy of that room, area, and yes even city raises to a higher level. And it is measurable.

This is not an anomaly. These events have taken place numerous times over the years, including peace rally’s, walking mediations and any place where a small or large group of people come together for a single cause grounded in Love.

The world can always benefit from those who are interested in bringing positive change now and not wait for it to happen. There is certainly power in numbers. Even if it consists of you and one other person.

No doubt, we can certainly all rise up together.

Feeling Down And Rising Up

Race cars take pit stops, tennis players sit down and rehydrate every two games and students get summers off from school. Everyone gets a break from the action of life/work and is able to step away from what they’re involved in – even if it’s for minutes – to reassess and re-evaluate how they’re doing.

Feeling down happens to the best of us. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally and even spiritually.

But, if we can use these times to reflect, re-imagine, renew and maybe even re-invent the way we’re approaching our next endeavor by considering a piece of information we didn’t have before, that might make all the difference.

Sometimes in our ‘down time’ we can get some really good thinking done. If we’re willing to look ahead instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

The Perks Of A Cold

Every time I’m feeling under the weather, it seems to be a time for me to reflect upon my health. Most importantly, how grateful I am to have such good health most of the time.

As I lay in bed with body aches, a headache and congestion, I always say that once I’m up again, I won’t take my health for granted. And I don’t.

As inconvenient as a cold or the flu is, it’s a reminder for me to slow down and savor each and every minute of life.

Even if I’m feeling less than stellar. Because we’re never going to re-live this moment again.

That’s something to think about.

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