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Standing Tall

The more days, I gratefully spend on this earth, the more I’m convinced that at the end of the day, if we’re still standing tall – it’s been a success.

Keeping it simple and our focus sharp, we can move towards our intentions with a bit less self-judgement, being more efficient and more effective with our time.

It can get ugly. It’s going to be challenging. And there will certainly be chaos. But, standing tall through it all brings dignity to our lives and gives us the strength to move forward to the next adventure.

And so let’s stand tall through it all, keeping our head raised high through the long haul.

That’s all.

Self Respect

As Darren Hardy has said, “people will respect you as much as you respect yourself and they will disrespect you as much as you tolerate it.”

We owe it to ourselves to protect ‘us’ as much as we would a beloved family member.

We seem to justify if people disrespect us, but wouldn’t tolerate any if it came to someone we loved.

Why is that? Not sure. But, it needs to stop.

Taking care of the ‘self’ is not selfish. Taking care oneself is courageous. Strong. And brave.

Let’s not fall into the trap of justifying someone’s disrespectful behavior towards us. We deserve better. All of us do.

Demand respect.

Your self with thank you.

Choose Life

I’m positive this has been said before. Especially by the likes of me, but . . . I’m going to say it again.

No matter how dark it can get, let’s not forget – let’s not ever forget – no matter what, we can always begin again.

I’d be willing to bet there are many people who aren’t on this earth any more would say the same thing.

In fact, there was a study of people who jumped off the Narrow’s and/or Golden Gate bridge that survived the jump. Most of those people regretted it the moment they jumped. They chose life.

We can always begin again.


Grace: The Definition

1. A virtue coming from God

2. Disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

3. A charming or attractive trait or characteristic

4. A pleasing appearance or effect : CHARM

5. Ease and suppleness of movement or bearing

Who couldn’t benefit from such gift given to others or one bestowed on oneself.

Finite Mind

Sam Harris so succinctly articulated that no matter how many times we repeatedly do something in a day, month or lifetime – it is a finite number. Eventually, we will not do that task, chore or have that experience again. We will have done it for the last time. When that is, we don’t know.

Soaking that all in, certainly re-frames the way I look at my day. My year. My life.

Sometimes, I can get caught up in the repetitiveness of things and miss the opportunity to truly engage in the moment. Why? I have a misconception that I will be doing it forever.

There is definitely benefits in contemplating our mortality. This is one of them.

Reminding ourselves there is a ‘last time.’

Maybe, just maybe it will gently nudge us to find value in what we’re doing. Even if we’ve done it hundreds of times before.

As this time could be the last.

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