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An Apology

When apologizing to others we’re letting go of our ego and being vulnerable to another human being.

Not everyone can do this. They’re afraid to show their humanity and recognize that we’re all flawed. In their minds it’s a sign of weakness, when it’s actually a sign of strength when used functionally and not dysfunctionally.

Some use it as a crutch in order to never have to become accountable. This is just as harmful to the ourselves as never saying it.

It’s not an excuse for certain behavior, it’s a gesture of kindness, humility and respect.

Let’s use it that way.


Maybe, just maybe, we rise to our highest potential in this lifetime.

Maybe we have a bit more patience with others than we did yesterday.

Maybe we can find a way to show kindness in this moment.

Maybe we can take a risk and express ourselves in creating something new while inspiring others.

Maybe we can forgive others.

Maybe we can forgive ourselves.

Maybe we can smile. Now.

Maybe we can laugh. Now.

Maybe we can be present with our Loved ones and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe we can respect others.

Maybe we can respect ourselves.

Maybe we can leave this place a little better when we’re gone.

Knowing Me

While rehearsing for a play years ago, I had a director tell me that no one in the audience would know the character better than me, as we had been running through the piece every day for nearly six weeks. In addition to research of the character, working through scenes and discussions with the director, I was the expert on that subject matter.

I just had to own those choices and run with them confidently.

Such is life. No one knows ourselves better than us. But, too often we are more interested in what others have accomplished or what people think of us rather than what we believe about ourselves.

This is why no one can ever tell you what you’re capable of doing or not doing. Unless of course, you choose to believe them.

We know what we’re capable of. We know what moves us. We know what’s important to us. We know what our strengths and weaknesses are.

We just need to move forward with confidence in doing so.

No Pain No Gain

When I’m physically sore I know that I’m pushing my muscles to becoming bigger and stronger.

If I I’m struggling with issues at work or at home, I know that I’m evolving mentally and emotionally.

We cannot move forward without a few growing pains along the way. It may not feel comfortable and we might wish we weren’t going through the ordeal, but this is the only way can we learn these life-lessons intimately to raise our IQ.

Otherwise, it’s just hear-say.

Accepting where we are right now in this moment and learning from it can be a challenge, but what’s the alternative?

What’s New

I am certainly guilty of getting into a routine of doing the same things over and over again throughout my day and week that there is little room for new adventures.

No doubt healthy habits lead to good results over time, but we can all find the time to discover exciting and new gems we had no idea existed if we’re willing to stray from the worn path and risk just a wee bit.

Whether it be a midnight walk, a 15 minute exploration of the night sky with a pair of binoculars or a short trip to an unexplored area of town, expanding our mind with new ideas and destinations keeps our creativity and mind sharp and in shape.

A chance to step into the unknown is always an opportunity for growth and a natural high.

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