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Benevolent Beings

Saying “Yes” is so much more exciting than saying “no.”

Of course keeping in mind all the healthy reasons to do such a thing: our boundaries with our work and personal life, the safety of our health and so on.

But, to put positive energy forth, opens our world to so many more options than the alternative. This would fall in line with trusting someone rather than being skeptical or giving someone the benefit of the doubt as opposed to thinking the opposite.

I just like that world better. It would seem we make better connection with others, faster and more frequently. Our bonds go deeper as well.

The times I’ve been fortunate enough to travel oversees, I’m always bewildered at the kindness and generosity of others. Almost to the point to where I second guess myself into thinking maybe they have malevolent motives. But, of course they don’t. They are giving me the benefit of the doubt. They are seeking a deeper connection. They inhabit a benevolent nature.

Something we can all learn from. Certainly me.

Confidence In Our Intentions

I love this idea – I just heard – that our confidence doesn’t come from our skills or talents but rather our intentions.

Because, if we do indeed believe that our intentions are pure and true – wanting not only what is best for us, but also for others as well – there is more than enough substance to be able to walk into any room with our heads held high and hold ground with anyone (not that the highest standard of confidence is having a conversation with someone).

Now, I’m fully aware that confidence also comes from wisdom. And wisdom comes from experience – from showing up and failing. It comes from putting in the work and not getting the results you want and then doing it again and again. Another words, putting in your 10,000 hours.

It wouldn’t benefit us to have a false sense of confidence in a technically specific field only because our intentions are pure. We need the knowledge behind those intentions as well. Otherwise, we could easily get in over heads quite quickly.

We’re Never Alone

Many of us feel that whatever we’re going through at the moment, we’re alone. We isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and stew in our pain, fear and loneliness convinced no one has experienced the pain that we’re going through.

These are the precise times when we need to call on those we know – both near and far – who Love us and whom we can trust, to share our feelings and our state of mind.

These are golden opportunities to solidify relationships with those we care about and care about your well-being as well.

Maybe if we take a chance and share a part of ourselves – a very real part – we’ll find that others will do the same with us. And now we can be there for them.

We can and will never get through this life alone without help. It always takes a village. . . .

Room To Breathe

Setting myself up for tomorrow or the week by clearly preparing what my intentions/goals are for the upcoming days give me a sense of space, freedom and room to breathe. I don’t feel so rushed even though my tasks may seem to be many throughout my day.

I can only say that it gives me a way to get out in front of where I’m intending to go for the day. I feel much more at ease with clarity in my mind. And as we all know, clarity is power.

Although, it can be quite easy to fall out of this habit of preparing and just wing it. I’ve done that many times. I get through. No major damage. But, there isn’t nearly the same progress. I feel a bit haphazard and frazzled.

I’d much rather come to my new day prepared with room to breathe. [Deep breath] Ahhhhh.

Drop And Give Me Love

It can be so difficult for me to not take things personally and refrain from emotionally engaging when someone – anyone, comes at me with anger, sarcasm, rudeness or the like.

Why? I believe most of it comes from the ego telling us: You are the most important thing in the universe.

One very important element to remember is this: Most of the time, it ain’t about you/me/us. It’s about whoever is casting the negativity towards us. But oh, easier said than done, not to strike back with our own fear, anger, resentment and more.

Instead, I’m striving to be in a place of Love and grace. Rising above the muck and blessing them “for they know not what they do.” To drop the ego and to not engage in their negative emotional mire their choosing to wallow in. But instead chose to Love.

Everyone is broken in some way and we are all looking to be seen, heard and understood.

Maybe we can listen instead.

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