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Fast Feet

Most people who have athletic ability and play sports with any amount of success have several things in common. One of them is good foot work.

Whether it’s shooting the basketball, laying the ball up, throwing a football or taking a ground ball at second base, if our feet are not in the proper position and/or moving throughout the entire process, your chances of succeeding have just dramatically decreased. It starts with our footwork.

We can easily forget that because no one is looking at your feet. Their looking at the shot, the throw or the fielding of the ball. Who watches feet?

Often times, we can forget that moving our feet in life can produce the same successful results as on the field. We just have to keep moving them forward. Standing still is not going to get you the results you’re looking for. This is the ground work – the fundamentals – the foundation.

Without good footwork, our mechanics can break down and we can get frustrated with the whole process. Let’s work smarter not harder.

“This is Great!”

I seem to keep returning to the idea of how we view our world and our perspective of it. As it directly influences our response to what happens to us in life, as well as how people respond to us. It’s all connected.

Over time, I have come to realize the color of the lens you choose to view the world through makes all the difference. I’ve seen people go through similar experiences and come away with two totally opposing views and attitudes afterward. One person comes away from the situation grateful for the experience and learned to grow from it, where the other person found it an opportunity to feel powerless and overwhelmed.

I don’t ever want to judge other people’s life experiences as I don’t feel that to be fair. I do know we are faced with numerous choices throughout the day – especially on how we respond to what has happened to us – and I would like to think I choose the path less traveled.

After all, saying, “This is great! This is really bitchin’!” is much more powerful than losing it, feeling victimized or blaming others.

That is GREAT!

Your Run

When my life is over, I want to be able to say, “I had a good run.”

What does that mean?

For me it’s about what I leave behind. The relationships with others and the connections with Loved ones. It would also be my unique perspective I brought to each and every situation in life – hopefully a positive one. And maybe I was able to bring just a little bit of joy, laughter, insight, wisdom or even help to someone’s day.

When this is all said and done, I’m hoping I leave this earth maybe just a little better than if I hadn’t been here.

We most likely will all be forgotten – including me – but maybe when they do choose to remember me, maybe it will bring a smile to their face or even a good feeling inside. That’s enough I suppose.

Outward Bound

There is so much to gain when we just give it away.

That’s not the purpose of turning our efforts outward, however it is the direct result when we choose to serve and help others.

It never fails for me, and I often have to remind myself. But, when I seek to be of service to others – strangers or not – I’m always rewarded in some way, shape or form down the line. It never fails. This “payback” isn’t always linear, as it can come in a way I would never expect much later in the timeline. However, there is something within me that knows exactly where it came from.

And every time I’m humbled and grateful for the experience.

So, today I will once again look to give away a part of myself in order for someone else to feel recognized, included, cared for, heard or Loved.

Because it fills me up when someone else does it for me.

Who Am I

For me, this is the question for the ages. And not one I can answer quickly.

Pulling apart the braided strands of my upbringing as a child by my parents, past life experiences that eventually led to a belief structure, to social expectations, peer influence, etc. can be a sticky business.

One of the only ways I can bring clarity to the question is by determining what is important to me. What brings me joy? What fills me up? How do I want to be remembered? What is my legacy?

One of my close friends passed away a few years ago. She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and did her best to beat it. While working on manifesting perfect health through various methods, she said the one good thing cancer brought her was clarity. In only just a few moments, she knew exactly what was most important to her: Her spouse, her son and then her work.

Clarity is power no doubt, but still doesn’t answer the question. It helps, but there’s more work to be done.

Who am I?

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