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More Pain Please

Jerry Seinfeld was once quoted as saying, if you’re not in pain then you’re not growing.

Many of us – including me – duck, shake and dodge any and all ordeals in which we’re going to experience pain.

But, as many of us can look back in retrospect, these are the precise moments when we grew the most. This must never be forgotten.

So, does that mean we should look for these opportunities throughout the day? Well, I know that’s certainly a challenge for me, but maybe, instead of running the other direction to avoid them, we can square our shoulders up to face them.

Then take it as it comes while remaining present in the moment. After all, it’s only momentarily.

More pain please.

Flipping The Score

We can gain new perspective in most situations if we’re willing to flip the score.

What does that mean? I’m referring to a tool to help us look at what’s in front of us with fresh eyes.

We can do this when it comes to our personal, professional or even artistic aspects of our lives.

One way of the flipping the score is by putting yourself in their shoes to fully understand how the other person is feeling. Or maybe you can take someone you know and ask, “what would they do if they were in this situation?” Or you can do the much more common act of asking someone’s else opinion.

The idea is to do something to give us a new way of looking at the picture in front of us – to flip it on it’s head. Often times, we have a reactionary response before thinking it through and considering the consequences.

Just a little effort to refresh our screen’s could make all the difference.

Remembering The Finite

It’s always beneficial for me to remember – and be reminded often – of our finite time on this earth.

It puts into perspective what is important to me and how I shouldn’t take time, anything or anyone for granted. Knowing my encounters with loved ones and the people I care about are limited to a finite number of times, has a way of revealing my gratitude and keeps me focused in the present moment.

These reminders come to me in various ways and there is no other better reminder than death itself. I don’t see it as being morbid, but rather fully aware of the ying and the yang of life.

Although many of us fear the end of our time here, we must acknowledge it and develop a relationship with it if we truly want to live life to it’s fullest.

After all, how would we know happiness without sadness? Pleasure without pain? And Gratitude without resentment?

Living Large

My idea of living large may be different than anyone else.

For me, it’s not about being flashy with material things, throwing around money and being obnoxious as if to say, “Look at me!”

It’s about living life to it’s fullest to the best of my ability in each and every moment. It’s about saying “Yes!” rather than “no” to the universe. Risking. Not my life, but my ego. Questioning my knowledge and what I believe to be true. And to risk being wrong and looking silly.

For me, it’s about knowing that anything can be the gateway to everything and filling my cup with gratitude for all that I have and am right now.

Living large is a state of mind and not a material effect we accessorize our lives with like gaudy dime-store jewelry.

It has nothing to do with the kind or amount of materials things in our possession.

It’s a choice of how we choose to live our lives today.

Inserting The Self

I heard something the other day that I found quite enlightening. It went a bit like this: Instead of apologizing, say thank you. i.e. If we’re late coming into a meeting with others and saying, “I’m sorry.” Instead we say, “Thank you for your patience.”

It’s a way of taking the focus off of ourselves and acknowledging the other people in the room. It’s just another way of asking, “How may we serve?” Rather than, “What’s in it for me.”

Subtle, but different for sure.

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