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Morning Glory

I came up with a creative project years ago I wanted to do and regret to say that I never completed it. It was called, “Morning Glory.” It was going to be a series of pictures framed or in a colleague. The idea was to have my family agree that I could take a picture of them moments after waking up. No smiles. No faces. Just their authentic countenance as it looks upon rising for a new day.

I took some pictures in black and white – and to this day – they are some of the most beautiful pics I’ve made. And it’s not because I used some crazy exposure time or I took a lot of time to set up the shots. In fact, some of them aren’t even in focus.

It’s because of their faces. They are blank. Soft. Warm. Non-assuming. Vulnerable. Rested. They are ready to approach the glory of a new day.

I’ve always found a bit of glory in every morning. Because it’s a brand new opportunity to do things the way you want. To set the record straight. Or to continue your pursuit of excellence – your Morning Glory.

Precious Moments

My wife has a statistic for everything. “3 years ago on this day we were in Spain and we were just about to get on a boat to go over . . ” I used to give her flak about it quite a bit and as I get older, I realize there is merit in her reflections.

I don’t remember those dates. She is tuned in to that stuff. I admire her for that. Sometimes it can get a bit out of hand, but for the most part I appreciate her detailed memories.

It’s important to contextualize moments in your life – especially when you know it’s a precious one. Last night was my final night on a Little League baseball field as a coach and a father with my son as a Little Leaguer. I have coached him since T-ball and now it’s time to move on.

It was sad. But, we created a lot of memories as well. One’s that we will never forget.

Recognize moments in your life as they are: precious.

That’s all.

Integrate Your Fear

Most everyone wants to know the outcome before starting an endeavor. They want to know how it’s going to turn out to see if it’s worth their time. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

We must take that leap of faith into the unknown to reap the rewards of our input. Nothing can replace this. Even though we can trick ourselves into believing otherwise. There are no shortcuts and there isn’t much that you can do to relieve that sense of discomfort except taking that risk over and over again.

We must learn to accept growth. Being uncomfortable. Just as the performer accepts the pre-show ritual of vomiting before walking onto the stage, we must integrate it into our lives, accept it and evolve because of it.

Otherwise, what’s our options? Remain stagnate?

No thanks.


One of my best friends passed away a few years back to cancer. She fought until the end like the true warrior she was. She said there was one positive thing that came from the moment she received the diagnosis and that she immediately knew what was most important in her life. In a matter of moments her priorities were instantly in order. There was no confusion. No distractions. It was crystal clear. It was her family and her passion for telling stories.

Can we boil down in a moment what is paramount in our lives without the diagnosis of cancer? Maybe not in a matter of moments, but over time, I believe we can.

We must not get distracted in the big picture, nor on a daily basis with what we are intending to attract into our lives. Another words, what we’re focusing on. If our goal is to get into better physical condition and improve our overall health, we must have the discipline to remain focused throughout the day. Going for a 2 mile jog in the morning and then sitting on the couch watching TV and eating junk food the rest of the day won’t work.

I get it. In today’s world there is so much to get distracted by. So simplify. Would being on your phone 3 hours a day checking your Instagram account or Twitter feed or any other activity that you indulge in as a distraction to keep you from facing what is important be worth it? I guess it depends on how clear you are with your priorities.

Maybe you should get clear on that first and then simplify your life to do those things.


Some of the most beautiful shades of Blue I have ever seen have come from nature.

I’ve seen Blue skies in Montana that can’t compare to any other. Aqua Blue waters in Hawaii which take my breath away.

Blue flowers in mountain meadows I didn’t believe could exist in the world.

So many shades of Blue. So many opportunities to see the beauty around me.

What’s your favorite shade?

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