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You’re Right

“There is no way I can make that many sales this month.” You’re right. “I can’t learn how to play a musical instrument. I’m way too old.” You’re right again. “Everybody in the construction business is stupid.” And yet you’re right once more.

Whatever perspective we choose to take in life, we’ll find we’re right each and every time.

So, let’s pay attention to what we choose to believe, what we think is true and most importantly what we’re capable of. Because no matter what we believe. . . . that’s the truth. And these are the things that will show up in our world because it’s what our mind is focusing on.

Instead, let’s buy into the idea that there are kind and generous people in the world. Let’s believe we are capable of accomplishing amazing feats if we’re able to put our minds and bodies to it. Don’t be afraid to buy into the belief that there are extremely intelligent people in any sector of the business world and we can find them and befriend them as well.

Just know that whatever we believe in our heart of hearts, we’re always right. So, why not believe in something bigger and better.


In today’s world, intangible skills can easily be overlooked if they don’t directly translate to the almighty dollar.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making money – and a whole lot of it. We just want to be clear with the skills that brings financial success into our lives.

Some of the skills can be corporeal – Physical looks, brought into the family-business or the gift of gab. Which are all assets to the average business person.

But let’s not overlook the skills which are a bit less – well tangible: trustworthy, empathetic, good communicator, authentic, non-threatening, resourceful, grit, etc. All skills that are helpful in any aspect of your life to become more successful.

Who wouldn’t want that?

New Chapter

After we complete a project that we’ve been working on for a long time, often times there can be a lull in our drive and direction.

It happens to me and I have to remind myself to acknowledge what is going on while unpacking my feelings and the reasons for the drop in energy. After such closure, it’s easier for me to move on to the next task at hand I feel passionate about and reignite the desire to move forward.

If not, I’m caught in limbo not knowing exactly what to do as I’m reflecting on the past and not moving forward. Not a good place to be.

But, once again getting clear on the next big thing which is inline with what’s important to us gives us the gumption to hop back on the horse and grind again.



Just as there is in farming and many other cyclical events, there are seasons in our lives as well.

There’s a time for cultivation. There’s a time for planting. There’s a time to nurture – feed and water. There’s a time for maintenance by clearing weeds so as not to choke the crop. There’s a time for patience to allow growth and maturity in order to have a quality crop and then of course there is a time to harvest what we’ve worked so hard to produce.

We must be able to recognize about ourselves – not only where we are in this repetitious cycle – but what we need to maximize our growth. This happens when we are clear with our capabilities. We can only discover this by testing our boundaries and pushing the limits of what we’re able to do by going out of our comfort zones and be willing to fail.

When we know that, we’re then able to apply the strategies necessary to maximize our growth as individuals.

The better we know ourselves (the crop) the better we can identify what is needed in order to move forward for intended results (a better yield).

Reconciling The Past

We’re unable to move forward in a healthy way until we can reconcile our past blunders and choices.

If we can view it as a learning process, it may take the sting out a bit and give ourselves a bit of a break.

We all intend for the best, however sometimes – for whatever reason – it just doesn’t always work out the way we expect it.

However, by hanging on to the past is of no benefit to us. We can’t change it, but we can certainly acquire knowledge from the experience and move on applying what we have learned.

There’s a big difference between living in the past and learning from it.

Let’s chose the latter.

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