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All The Rage

I don’t want to be negative, but I’m not referring to the fun sense of the phrase.

I’m talking about indulging ourselves into the darkness of anger, resentment and fear which leads us to a path of . . . . rage.

This is an indulgence. To lose our temper. Fly off the handle. Feed our ego.

It’s not necessary. Things don’t get done any faster, better or more effectively when anger is thrown into the mix.

It’s taking a shortcut and a cop out so we can let ourselves off the hook and not have to be responsible for our actions. We have ourselves believe it’s because we’re passionate about what we’re doing. Because we care.

Well, even though we may feel there’s no consequences, there is. Maybe not right now. Not even tomorrow or next week, but there’s consequences. There always is. Even though we like to kid ourselves into believing otherwise.

When it’s all falling apart around us is exactly when we need to stay calm, stand strong and engage fully into the next moment.

No more. No less.

Livin’ Large

It means something different to all of us.

For some, it may mean having a 24 hr. driver take you where you want to go in your blacked out SUV.

For others it may mean going out to a restaurant for breakfast once a month.

And for some it may mean being and remaining healthy.

However we define “Livin’ Large,” we can hopefully all agree we live in a country – in a place – where we have the opportunity to live our lives the way we want to based on our choices and the chances afforded to us.

Hopefully, we take the opportunity to be thankful for what we have today and realize more than likely, we are Livin’ Large.

Create Like Your Life Depends On It

Is that a little too dramatic? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess it depends on who you talk to.

No doubt, I’m filled with joy and am arguably happier when creating, but is it essential to living? I guess it’s relative to how we want to live our lives and what’s important to us.

For me, I’ve always come back to this: It’s my intention to be the best version of myself I can be while on this earth. Does that include creating? Probably. How often? Everyday? Most likely.

Then there’s your answer.

Even though society (in general) doesn’t seem to place importance on creating daily – unless of course we’re selling our creative endeavors for millions of dollars. But, that’s not what gives them value. It’s more vital what those daily efforts do for our souls. Our being. Our happiness and our wellness.

It would seem too much importance has been placed on the end result rather than the actual process of creating.

Every time I’ve chosen to walk the path of creativity, I have always felt closer to who I am as a full expression of myself than when I’m not creating. In addition, I’ve felt more of a connection to others and more alive than ever.

Is that essential to living?

I’m not sure. But, it seems to make sense to me.


Most of us have one. Some are bigger. Some may be quite a bit smaller. A mom. A Dad.

Some of us are closer than others, but they cannot be denied. Maybe forgotten. Certainly distanced. Outcast for sure.

They can be extremely helpful, giving, kind and fill our hearts with Love.

They can also drive us bat-$#!+ crazy! I prefer the former.

Hopefully, we’re able to take advantage of the perks of having someone who grew up in similar circumstances, surroundings and the same parents, in which you can confide in, complain to and share life’s issues while figuring out all the pertinent questions to this thing called life.

These are our people. Sometimes we can communicate non-verbally if we’re close enough to them. But we can certainly commiserate with them as they may be able to empathize with us as they have been through the same thing.

We can also find a way to gain perspective and calibrate our memories by getting their viewpoint of a shared memory. Often times, they have insight on what happened that is very different of how we remember it. And for that we’re grateful.

Maybe we can re-evaluate the importance of family members in our lives. Is it important to us?

Then again, maybe not. The choice is always ours.

Instant Perspective

I’m always looking for ways to be the best version of myself I can be. I wonder to myself how the best of the best handle disappointment. It sounds trivial, as I would think the response would be, “get over it and move on,” but it’s not quite so easy for me in my real life.

The ‘less than the best of me’ has a desire to feed my ego and look for some kind of retribution for the pain I endured rather than just dropping the matter with no residual effect and move one.

Why? Ego? Maybe. Am I being selfish and childish? Probably.

Yeah. I am. No doubt.

And then I remember that I have the tools at my disposal to change my perspective in an instant by just imagining myself in a completely different situation/circumstance.

What if – heaven forbid – I was in a car accident and was in the hospital with major – even life-threatening injuries? And then I looked at this situation where I was “disappointed” with some outcome in my day? Would it really have the weight to it that I’m giving it now? No way! I would give anything to go back to the moment before the accident and shrug it off as ‘no big deal’ and move on with my life.

That’s instant perspective. If we have any capacity for imagination, we can get there. Right now if you choose.

I better do that. Right now.

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