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We Don’t Need Your How

So often we get stuck at how we are going to accomplish something, attract the perfect person, solve the problem, open the new business or how we’re going to complete that creative endeavor of yours.

Believe it or not, the how is not the first step – nor the most important one – on your odyssey that lies before you. The most important step is committing. Deciding. Once we decide we cut off all other options.

However, because we are made up the way we are, we want – need – to know HOW we’re going to get it done. We want to rush ourselves to the Emerald City and throw back the curtain of the mighty wizard exposing the process for what it is.

It doesn’t work that way. We always have to take that blind step into the unknown before the universe will reveal her secrets.

We cannot forget that as there are no shortcuts for this process.

True Memories

How we view and what we choose to remember about our past experiences dictates what we think and believe we can accomplish on our next endeavor.

This is important as our memories are subjective. We are experiencing them as an individual that has feelings, emotions and opinions. We can benefit from believing the memory went down a certain way in order to protect ourselves to fall in-line with our “story.”

I have always claimed I have a hard time with perspective. Because I may think something is “difficult” while another individual may not – depending on their history, life experiences, expectations, upbringing, etc.

Let’s be careful of “labeling” our memories as “good, bad, failures, successful,” or any other word that denotes a hierarchy or placement of your life experiences. As we know, the past has no bearing on the future, so let the past remain there.

Refrain from the judgement and take it for what it was: A result. If you want a different one, then try it again. There’s no reason to emotionally attach our emotions to the outcome and drag our precious-selves through the mud only to exhaust yourself and discourage further attempts.

Get up. And try again. It’s just a result. If you don’t like it, try something different.

Smart Luck

There is no doubt luck can fall your way at any time. But, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that’s all it is. When we choose to enter the game of opportunity and show up to put in the work repeatedly, we are giving ourselves a chance to fail – no doubt – but we are also increasing our odds that Lady Luck will find us.

I’m not saying we should count on luck as a part of our success in accomplishing your goals, but we must recognize her presence. And yes, she is female.

When you hear about stories of how an actor was “discovered” on a particular audition and went on to play the role that skyrocketed their career, don’t overlook the hundreds of other countless auditions they went on and didn’t get the part. Or the dozens of acting classes, workshops and plays down in the musty basements and back alley’s of 25-seat theatre’s they participated in without pay and most-likely without much of an audience.

When you put your head down, show up, fall in love with the process of what you’re doing and get lost in time, that’s when she will align the stars in your favor. But only after you’ve made an honest commitment to the work itself.

After all, she’s a wise one.

Simple Melody

You certainly don’t have to be a musician in order to appreciate music. No more than you need to be an athlete to appreciate a good football or basketball game.

Music has a way of calming my soul and grounding me in order to begin again. Or invigorate and inspire me.

For me, the simpler the better. Listening to an instrumental of an acoustic guitar in the wee hours of the morning while at my desk and writing these blogs can be exactly what I need to get the day started.

It can put me into a wonderful flow state and/or calm my anxious mind as I get some tasks done and slip into the work day.

Who knows, you just might find the urge to pick up an instrument and play a bit.

Life Crew

As I move forward in age, I tend to be a bit more reserved with whom I share my time. Someone once said, “the most valuable thing you can give to a person is your attention/time.”

Maybe this is why I’ve become more reluctant to reach out to new horizons. The flip side to that coin is how wonderful it is when you find a person or group of people who you can trust, share intimate fears, hopes and dreams and who inspire you to be the best you can be.

This group of trusted comrades can be a real game-changer for us to get out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Don’t underestimate the power of healthy people who care. It may take some time, some risk and a bit of patience, but if you follow your instincts and take it slow, your payoffs can be ten-fold.

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