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Best Self

What choices do you make when no one is watching? When you are the only person who will know.

I’ve found that these less than stellar choices from my past come up more than I would like. It can be a challenge to come to terms with these, as I have to live with them knowing I gave up, didn’t give my best effort or wasn’t the best version of myself in that moment.

Believe it or not, it’s these past experiences that dictate much of how I carry myself and make decisions today.

One thing I have learned is this: I cannot go back and change the past, so if choosing not to be the best I can be on a daily basis bothers me as I look back, then I’m left with only one choice: Be the best version of yourself you can be.

Information Dilema

There is no doubt we are in a time where gathering information can be quite confusing. Whether it be news or otherwise, it would seem that we have to work harder than ever sifting through the information to get to the truth of the matter in order to inform ourselves properly.

As humans, we often times draw from a particular source in order to get the information we want to hear rather than need to hear.

It’s not easy, no doubt. How do we know the information we are receiving is impartial once we find one a source? It would seem to me, the line between truth and non-truth has become more blurry over the years. I find myself having to make a concerted effort to seek out my information from sources I feel are reliable. This can take time.

And then I think to myself: Am I receiving non-biased information here, or am I being bamboozled as well?

Not sure. But, I’m not going to stop looking. I believe it’s worth it.

Freeway Love

How a person drives can be an indication of what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m not quite sure why it manifests while driving a vehicle in traffic, but some of us can use these moments to justify their anger and then direct it at others. Even though I’m not proud of it – I do it. What’s the rub?

Sometimes I find myself at a 4-way stop sign verbally giving commands on who should go next and waving my hands while alone in my car.

I do find that when I’m in a giving and loving place with myself, I tend to drive the same way. I allow people to change lanes in front of me, give them space to pull out of a driveway instead of racing to fill the gap and so on.

In fact, it bothers me that I get frustrated so fast. This is something I intend to explore in order to be more patient on the road.

After all, we could all use a little more love. Especially on the freeways.

Move On

Skepticism is useful. Pessimism is useless.

Questioning authority is necessary. Sarcasm gets old real fast.

Whit can be charming, but being a smart @$$ is certainly not attractive.

As I moved through my younger years and into more life experiences, I had to discover these lessons for myself. We were all young and inexperienced at one time in our lives. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

I think what’s more important is where you’re evolvement is heading.

Don’t remain stagnate. Nothing is more unattractive than a person who refuses to evolve over time, peaked in high school and needs to tell you about those past accomplishments as he’s blowing his beer soaked breath on you at the 20 year reunion.


I’ve always admired people who move through life with grace. There is something about them that makes me want to be around them more. Especially when going through some sort of crisis and/or difficulty. It’s as if they know a secret that no one else does. And maybe they do.

Maybe they realize there is something much larger than the immediate problem they’re dealing with at hand. Maybe they know huffing and puffing through life is no way to carry on in order to evolve as we connect and support others. Or maybe they know how to pull back the zoom lens on their lives and keep in perspective what’s important.

I find when I get worked up about something in my day to day I’m too close to the issue and need to get proper perspective. Is the importance of this issue really match your reaction? Maybe we need to put this situation into perspective, Jim.

Probably so.

Grace. So elegant. Unassuming. Dignified. And strong.

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