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Down Time

Shut it down.

I’ve heard it said that it’s the space between the bars that keeps the tiger in the cage and it’s the silence between the notes that make the music. Then perhaps it’s our down time between the hustle and bustle where we can draw upon our creativity for new and brilliant ideas.

I know for me, inspiration comes to me when I’m not pressing. When my body is occupied by doing something else – such as running – and my mind is free to wander. I believe running – and walking for that matter – are a form of meditation, and what a great way to give your mind space to stretch out and play. It’s the closest way I can subscribe to as effective multi-tasking.

My Sunday mornings are open for such experiences and I look forward to them every week. Schedule a time when you can have some “down time” to do nothing. Before long, you’ll have a myriad of great ideas coming in with grace and ease. Don’t discount them just because they flowed to you without resistance. Sometimes, those are the beautiful gems.

Work Pace

I was fortunate enough to visit Italy a couple of years ago and the way people view their work day is drastically different than the way we do it here in the States. No one is racing to get out the door in the morning, lunches last 2-3 hours and every one just wants a good tan.

Not a bad way to go through your day. I’m not sure you would find many people in these parts who would subscribe to such a lifestyle. It’s not right or wrong – just different.

But, it begs the question: What is your work pace? 12 hour days? 8 hour days + Saturdays? 4 days a week with Friday’s off and 10 hour days? Not sure. I’m in a constant flux with that. Always looking for the right balance. We don’t take 2 hours for lunch and then take a nap after around here. Maybe we should. Not sure.

But, I do know you have to do what you love. I’ve heard that if you love something, work really hard at getting good at it. That way you may be fortunate to do it every day for the rest of your life – and call it a job.


When was the last time someone asked a favor of you and your response was, “Gladly” (without being sarcastic)? Or you decided to wash your car or pull weeds in the front garden bed and did it. . . gladly?

Often times we go through our day on auto-pilot unable to acknowledge just how fortunate we are to be doing what we are doing. I had a friend tell me once, “I find meaning in everything I do. Even if it’s cleaning the kitchen.” He went on to share how he likes an orderly home and cleaning the kitchen is a part of that order. His home is where he rests, reflects, rejuvenates, learns, works, etc. and keeping it clean helps him do that.

There is meaning in everything we do whether you’re aware of it or not. My suggestion is to find it. Have intention behind your tasks throughout the day. You may find a larger purpose for your activity, you may feel a surge of energy while doing it or you may find yourself completing your work . . . gladly.


There is no better time than the present and there is no better place than here.

But, in today’s world we have a tendency to always look down the road to the future. And in turn, never residing in the present moment or place.

There’s much to absorb if you’re willing to pay that fare and become bewildered by the show unfolding in front of you.

Stay a while. You might be surprised by what you missed the last time you came.

After all, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be: Here. In this moment.

Here, Now

Because I can get overwhelmed easily keeping different aspects of my life on track and headed in a direction I feel good about, I must visit them daily. For example: Staying physically fit is important to me, eating properly and exercising on a regular basis ranks high up there on my scale of importance. Often times, I can fall into a pattern where I’m being less than my “best self” and going through a day without a stitch of exercise in addition to not eating healthy. Ugh. Not feeling good physically or emotionally about myself, I can easily justify continuing down that path of toxicity.

This is when I borrow from the best ideas out there and apply them to my life. One of them is: One day at a time. Don’t worry about yesterday and how it went. It’s gone and behind you. There is nothing you can do about it now. Tomorrow hasn’t happened so focus on today. Stay in the present because today is a gift.

If I get too ahead of myself and worry about how things are going to work out in 3 days, I often stumble. Focus on the moment. Stay present. It’s the only thing that is real. The now. Live there.

And accept every minute of it.

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