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It Can Only Be Love

We cannot and must not come from a place of hatred, only Love.

We must not encourage violence, only Love.

Chaos, disfunction and fear have no place in our world, only Love.

Empathy and respect for others must be paramount.

It can only be Love. It has to be

Our Path

Is this a gift or a burden? I often find myself asking this question.

The answer would have to be: it depends.

How are we choosing to look at it?

Often times we experience a really intense and painful time in our lives, only to look back years later to discover it was a crossroads where we changed direction, leading us to a much better place for us in the long run. Where we would have never volunteered to go down that path had we been given the choice.

Such is life. As humans we tend to take the path of least resistance. But the gems lie in the path less traveled.

It’s all perspective.


I’ve heard from more than one person that a great way to change your current state of emotion is to run water over your face a few times. I do it every morning right after rolling out of bed and most of the time its very cold water. I make sure I get my forehead as this seems to be important and does tend to make a difference.

Recently, I learned this is a ritual that other people use as well. Jerry Seinfeld is one who does it throughout his day in transition periods – sometimes more than once. It’s a great tool to use when segueing from one emotional state, new task, or just to re-focus throughout our day.

A walk around the block, 3 deep breaths or a brief 5-minute meditation can reset and recharge your batteries as well, so we can take on our next endeavor. Find what works best for you, and implement it into your schedule in key moments throughout your day. It may just make enough difference for you so you can approach the next moment with fresh eyes.


There is a book written by Wayne Dyer called, “Real Magic.” I have read many of his books, but have not read that one. I love the title as well as the idea of a book like this.

The definition of magic is: The power to control natural forces through supernatural means.

Well, wait a second. What does supernatural mean?

Supernatural: of, relating to, or being part of a reality beyond the observable physical universe.

Well, by that definition I have no doubt that magic is real. Thoughts would be considered magic as they are beyond the physical universe and my thoughts control my behavior. Am I a natural force? Huh.

Here’s what I do know: There is more to this world than what is visible. Much more. I know there are many things I have attracted into my life without moving any matter, but only through invisible means: thoughts, intentions, Love, etc.

And it’s not important whether anyone else believes in it, just as long as you do.

Owning Up

We are where we are because of our choices we’ve made up to this point in our lives. Period.

That could scare you to death or get you really excited. If you’re frightened, you may not be ready to rise to the responsibility of what it takes to be healthy by owning up to your actions and moving forward by making stronger choices. If that excites you, then you know deep down nothing has been written for you and your possibilities are limitless.

We all have diversity and some much more than others. There are plenty of inspirational stories of people overcoming unsurmountable odds to rise to success in his/her chosen field.

Let’s not get stuck in our excuses of why we’re not where we want to be, but instead rise to the occasion and own our mistakes, assess what we need to do to fix them and move on.

Today is a new day! The past does not equal the future.

We can choose to drag our past mistakes into this moment if want or we can start anew. It’s your choice.

But it is a choice.

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