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Getting To Yes


Yes, I’ll start this day with a fresh slate. Not allowing the mucky waters of yesterday to creep into my cup.

Yes, I’ll try something new.

Yes, I’m open to new ideas that may not be something I’ve thought of before.

Yes, today I will get out of my comfort zone.

Yes, I will embrace this moment for all it is.

Yes, I’ll work through my fears in order to embrace the unknown.

Yes, I’ll continue to evolve.

Yes, I choose LOVE.

The answers on the other side, the new experience, the epiphany, the ‘aha’s, the synchronicity and the magical moments never come from land of “no.” That much I do know.

Long-Term Focus

Why is it so difficult for me to show up consistently?

And by “showing up,” I mean putting in the work consistently over long periods of time without losing focus to accomplish goals that are important to me.

Do I really lack the ability to stay on task for the long term? Maybe I need to reassess whether those goals are indeed important to me enough to make a commitment for the long haul. Or maybe I just need to do it.

If I was to ask Steven Pressfield (“The War of Art), he would identify this as our ‘resistance.’

Resistance because of fear of failing. Resistance because of the fear of success. And a whole lot in between.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, I’m not giving up just yet.


I want to come from a place of abundance not scarcity.

We can only benefit coming from a place of Love not hate.

In order to be the best version of myself, I want to ask much from myself and gather with those who want the same for themselves.

I choose ease and not anxiety.

I intend to create not judge what other’s have accomplished. Anyone can do that.

The true risktakers strike out on their own to create from an extension of who they are. No matter what the cost may be.

Don’t we need more of them?

Seek What You Want

It’s not complicated, but many of us choose not to buy in.

If you look for the good in your life, you’ll find it.

If you look for the great in your life, you’ll find that too.

If you look for the ho-hum/the average/and the not so spectacular, guess what?

I’d Rather

I’d rather evolve than be right.

I’d rather be lost at sea with infinite new ideas and possibilities than floating in a pool of my own limited knowledge and beliefs due to my fear expanding to greater frontiers.

I’d rather take the path less traveled in which I intentionally choose and risk the scrapes and scratches of what the thicket and bramble may bring, than the ease a well traveled road leading only to where others have chosen.

I’d rather move forward into the unknown along with my fear than be catered to by others. In turn, stroking my ego which is of no consequential use to me.

I’d rather choose a life of Love, kindness and forgiveness than toil in resentment, anger and sarcasm.

I’d rather connect and empathize with others than validate my position and perspective in life.

I’d rather live than not.

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