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I believe it’s directly tied to faith. Because when we have faith we are able to see past the present moment – no matter what it looks like. And it can look pretty ugly at times. It gives us more resilience to push through.

This can be a challenge to say the least. After all, we are betting on something working out and there may be no signs of it coming close as we gaze out upon the landscape in front of us.

We must let go to the physical world and tap into the unseen. The invisible. Something NOT in front of us and hitch our trailer to this. This is faith.

I’ve heard it said that many POW’s survived their captivity because they had a belief that they needed to make it through their experience in order to tell their story to others. Unfortunately, others who believed they would be liberated by a certain date, didn’t survive as the reality of their release didn’t line up with their time table.

We all want guarantees prior to starting an ambitious endeavor. Unfortunately, there are none. But, there is faith.

Merely begin.

What Do I Know

Often times, that’s a derogatory question we throw out when we feel we don’t have adequate knowledge of a certain subject matter. I tend to say it more than most. And I use it in that context. After this post, I don’t think I will. I don’t want to. Promise.

However, maybe this is exactly the question we should be asking. What you know is . . . . you. You know who you are. You know what’s important to you. You know what moves you. What inspires you. What makes you happy and brings you joy. You know how it feels to treat others with Love and respect and you know how it feels when others don’t treat you that way.

That’s not bad. You could really cover some ground with that knowledge. However, we don’t tend to ask those questions as a way to learn, grow and evolve. We ask them more as a narcissistic series of questions in order to shortcut our evolvement and reap the benefits for ourselves as we belittle others and stoke the fire of our own ego.

I’m not interested in that. That’s easy. That’s the status quo. I’m interested in taking the path less traveled. Paddling upstream. Looking in the opposite direction than everyone else. I tend to believe that’s where the gems lie. Not in the average. Not in the mediocre. But, in the pioneers. The madmen/women. The ones who realize we’re all connected in this life-giving tree, so to hurt others is only to hurt ourselves. As a Native American Proverb says: “No tree has branches so foolish to fight amongst themselves . . . ”

So, What do I know? I know that.

Bipiti Bop

A little bounce in your step can make all the difference. Or enough.

Sometimes it can be rough getting out of bed in the morning. Why not review a short list of what you’re grateful for before your feet touch the floor and hit the ground running.

Maybe today – just today the glass is half full. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of synchronicity throughout your day. Maybe it’s subtle. A smile from a stranger. Someone let’s you in on your commute to work. You find a door being held open for you as you go about your day. Or you get a phone call from a friend you were just thinking about. Maybe.

After all, what’s the alternative?


The world is not black and white and neither are people. We tend to view a person as either good or bad, honest or a liar, criminal or a saint because it’s easier for us to pigeon hole them into a category. It’s cleaner. Simple. It doesn’t take as much of an effort.

Unfortunately, human beings should not and cannot be described as simple. We are extremely complicated with many layers. Our personalities are a product of years of life experiences mixed with our innate qualities seasoned with current beliefs and peppered with many other elements simmered over a lifetime – long or short.

Therefore, decisions can become a complicated process – especially when feelings of other people are involved – not to mention loved ones. Often times, we base our decisions what is best for us based on our experiences and not the person involved. After all, we only have our own perspective to come from. However, maybe reconsider and think about all the party’s involved. Let’s do our best to listen and put ourselves in other people’s shoes to gain more insight on where they are coming from. A little patience, some listening and a whole lot of Love.

Make your decisions from that place.

Fear & Responsibility

Yes, they go hand in hand. We talk ourselves out of and refrain from taking steps towards becoming successful because yes, there is a chance we may indeed fall on our face. But, what is even more terrifying than that is being successful. Because at that point now we are responsible for that success and feel as though we must continue to rise to the occasion to match success over and over. There are expectations. This becomes a task in responsibility.

We’re on the hook. No excuses anymore like, “I don’t know what I’m doing because I’m just a beginner.” We must move to the next stage of taking that responsibility and implementing a system that brings the same results over and over again. Can you imagine the pressure?

What’s easier is to walk around town telling friends, strangers and love ones how difficult life is and the daunting challenges you have ran into in your struggles in order for others to empathize with you as your “pity party” continues to roll. There is no problem with this type of jamboree, but just remember it’s all leading: To a place I don’t think you’re going to want to be.

Remember, you are EXACTLY where you need to be. Always. You have the proper tools and knowledge to move through this moment to the next if you can show up, put in the work and trust the process. This includes repeating the formula for success. Give it a shot.

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