Seek What You Want

It’s not complicated, but many of us choose not to buy in.

If you look for the good in your life, you’ll find it.

If you look for the great in your life, you’ll find that too.

If you look for the ho-hum/the average/and the not so spectacular, guess what?

I’d Rather

I’d rather evolve than be right.

I’d rather be lost at sea with infinite new ideas and possibilities than floating in a pool of my own limited knowledge and beliefs due to my fear expanding to greater frontiers.

I’d rather take the path less traveled in which I intentionally choose and risk the scrapes and scratches of what the thicket and bramble may bring, than the ease a well traveled road leading only to where others have chosen.

I’d rather move forward into the unknown along with my fear than be catered to by others. In turn, stroking my ego which is of no consequential use to me.

I’d rather choose a life of Love, kindness and forgiveness than toil in resentment, anger and sarcasm.

I’d rather connect and empathize with others than validate my position and perspective in life.

I’d rather live than not.

Finding Your Yes

There are 10,001 reasons we can come up with not to start that project we’ve been stewing on in our head: the book, the screenplay, the painting class, the sketch, the new medium we think we can find to express ourselves, getting to the comedy club and getting ourself on that stage, etc.

Maybe what’s more important is finding the one reason to get started.

The Act Of Patience

Having patience is almost impossible when we’re children.

The older we get we learn to temper our excitement as we put more life experiences under our belts.

As adults we understand there’s a rhythm to all things.

And so we learn to temper our expectations and have more and more patience for all things.

Let’s not confuse patience with being jaded or callused.

The one who is patient knows all will be taken care of in a the perfect time.

Being cynical presumes one deserves something for nothing.

Arriving To Happiness

Looking back at my childhood, I’ve come to realize I had it good. Really good. I’m so grateful for my experiences and treasure the memories as I reflect upon them as a middle-aged man.

My threshold for “happiness” was pretty high back in the day – maybe a testament having almost everything at your disposal. Some may even call it “spoiled.”

Since becoming an adult, I’ve come to learn otherwise. My threshold for happiness is pretty low. Meaning it doesn’t take much for me nowadays to relish a moment in time – while wearing a silly looking smirk on my face which is tough to wipe away.

As you probably already know where I’m going with this – again, it came down to making a choice to be happy. My days look different, things have changed and some things have remained almost the same.

The difference is my perspective of my life. We could all find a way to complain about something in our lives, but not all of us can chose to be happy. That’s a real commitment. A choice. And something we might want to keep working at.

I’m sure I will.

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