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What It Takes

What does it take to get the job done? To solve the problem? To get the results you’re looking for?

Whatever it takes. I’m not trying to sound flippant, but that’s the truth. It’s different in every situation. And that’s okay. We don’t need to know before hand. That’s not important.

It would be no different than picking out the clubs you’re going to use before you tee off. You can tell yourself you’re going to hit your drive 285 yards down the middle of the fairway so that you have a nice 8 iron into the green and knock it 5 feet away so you can drain your birdie. So you grab your driver, 8 iron and putter. But, that may not happen.

It’s going to take whatever it takes. That may be your rescue club out of the rough or a 5 iron to punch it out from under a tree. There’s no reason to stress about it before you hit your next shot.

We just approach our next endeavor with a calm mind and bring to it as much information we have at the time (unless you want to collect more) and do what it takes get the job done. Sometimes it can be messy and sometimes it’s not. that’s okay. That’s what life looks like sometimes.

Then again, a par is a par no matter how get it.

Same Old Change

In systemizing areas of our lives in order to be as efficient and effective as possible, we can forget about the beauty and wonder of spontaneity and what it can bring.

We can schedule for the unknown. A time to explore. There is freedom in our systems if we can make sure to leave room for them.

Let’s not get too ridged in our day to day tasks. Although repeating effective action on a day to day basis can bring exponential results over time, we don’t want to burn ourselves out because we’re forgetting to add in some creative time.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Or something like that.

Taking Inventory

There’s no doubt when you pull back the zoom and take in the big picture of these blogs as a whole, there are repeating themes. I’m fully aware of that and my only response is: This is where my head is. And so, we write about what we know (or at least where our attention is at the present moment). So, here we go.

As I sit at my desk writing this, I can look around my space – including the windows I’m surrounded by in my office and observe my current surroundings. Both inside and the outside view. Not only can I do that, I can also do my best to take (an objective – to the best of my ability) inventory.

What we see around us can certainly vary depending on the lens we’re choosing to look through metaphorically. Over the years, I have found for me, it’s really important to choose the lens that benefits me as much as possible.

For example, I’m in a better place when I take my inventory in a positive light as opposed to focusing my attention on all of the things I don’t have in my life. I’m able to have the physical and mental capacity to write this blog, I live in a beautiful part of the country, I have my strength, I have a wonderful family, I have the opportunity to run my business to the best of my ability and employ others, etc.

This may sound simplistic and quite elementary, but often times our clarity can come from keeping our world and what we focus on simple and always returning to the essentials in life. The basics.

Wishing Well

I’m not sure what the science says about the effects of wishing success and happiness for others, but quite honestly it doesn’t matter to me. I like it! And I don’t do it nearly enough.

In doing so, it gives me a feeling of objectivity – a sense of letting go of my focus of “what’s in it for me” and to turn my Love and kindness outward. I’m sure it’s self-serving as I feel better afterwards, but I don’t see any harm in that.

Often I grapple with the concept of competing (especially when it comes to sports) and allowing whatever is going to happen, to happen. Even if that means, I don’t come out on top. I’ve resolved myself into believing that I can compete on the field/pitch/court, but then once finished, I can wish the best for others and truly mean it.

After all, there’s more than enough to go around for all of us.

Tarnished And Only A Bit Broken

Sometimes I really do think about not having any motivation to do anything. You can hear me complain at times that I wish I was a couch potato. But, I really don’t think that’s true. I really don’t want that. I feel at times I am the laziest-disciplined person in the world. Why is that? Where does that come from?

The paragraph above is proof enough that we’re all neurotic. We all can struggle being objective with ourselves and our own effectiveness in this world. Why must we solicit compliments from others around us rather than seeing the merit in who we are right now? Today. Here in this moment. Tarnished. Maybe a bit broken, but ready to learn, grow and evolve.

Here’s an idea. Let’s go easy on ourselves. Let’s give us a break. Maybe give a little extra self-Love today. We’re all broken. We’re all tarnished and cracked. That’s what it is to be a human being. Let’s not beat ourselves up over it. Let’s just Love ourselves instead. Let’s treat ourselves like we’d treat a loved family member and always give them/us the benefit of the doubt.

We could all use that today. I know I can.

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