How we view and what we choose to remember about our past experiences dictates what we think and believe we can accomplish on our next endeavor.

This is important as our memories are subjective. We are experiencing them as an individual that has feelings, emotions and opinions. We can benefit from believing the memory went down a certain way in order to protect ourselves to fall in-line with our “story.”

I have always claimed I have a hard time with perspective. Because I may think something is “difficult” while another individual may not – depending on their history, life experiences, expectations, upbringing, etc.

Let’s be careful of “labeling” our memories as “good, bad, failures, successful,” or any other word that denotes a hierarchy or placement of your life experiences. As we know, the past has no bearing on the future, so let the past remain there.

Refrain from the judgement and take it for what it was: A result. If you want a different one, then try it again. There’s no reason to emotionally attach our emotions to the outcome and drag our precious-selves through the mud only to exhaust yourself and discourage further attempts.

Get up. And try again. It’s just a result. If you don’t like it, try something different.