I used to think I had an abundance of time when I was younger. Too much sometimes. I didn’t know what to do with it all. The sheer volume of it seemed almost exhausting. The events I was looking forward to couldn’t come soon enough and the tasks I didn’t enjoy took too darn long to get through.

I’m not quite sure what I was rushing to get to. A place? The age of 18? 21? 30? Graduation? Leaving home? Getting married? Where was I in such a hurry to get? To this day I cannot answer that question.

There is one thing I have come to realize: Time is the most precious resource I have. Hands down. And I have taught myself to cherish every moment. Not without some slip-up’s. You want to slow time down, go for a long run. Workout. Do an abdominal workout. Hold your breath. This helps me. Any activity that helps me stay in the moment without going on auto pilot. I catch myself not remembering the drive to the office some mornings. Or at least parts of it. How is that possible? I’m driving after all.

Whether learning how to play an instrument, reading a book, taking on a new endeavor or just getting out of my comfort zone, I do my best to slow down the hands of time, stay in the moment and enjoy every minute. Good or less than good. At least I’m still here.

We all have a limited amount of it here on this earth. Choose wisely how you spend it. From the people you are with to the activities you engage in. It goes fast. Hang on.

But what do I know.