If I get in a rut of doing the same things day after day I will eventually come to the realization that there is an absence of discovery in my life. Often times I get so caught up in the repetitveness day after day – it’s like slipping into a warm bath and before you know it, weeks pass and I haven’t experienced any true discovery.

What I consider to be a moment of discovery is any new information I didn’t know before. Often times when I’m being extremely creative, I will have a dozen moments of discovery or more in a day. Talking with someone about a trip they made in a certain part of the world, or about the kind of work they do and some crazy experience they had or some piece of history in the city I grew up in. I get so excited about these things, but the reality is: going to work day after day and then coming home doing your same routine, you can miss these opportunities.

Well, I’m telling you right now that I don’t want to miss any more discoveries. If that means I need to go out of my way on a Wednesday night to do it, then so be it.

I get such a thrill learning, growing and evolving and I need to remind myself of it so I don’t forget.

That gets me excited.