I always strive to take each and every moment for itself and not let them blend into one another. To get muddled. I’m only human, so there is a lot of work to do. It would seem when rough patches are present, parceling out a glimpse of sunshine amongst the stormy skies can make all the difference for me. Just as with life there is death and with light there is dark, it would be hard to appreciate the moments we enjoy (the good) unless we had the other type (not so good) to compare them to.

Often, when times become the most grim is when it is the most clear to me of what a good moment looks like and how grateful I am to have it show up. In addition, what I work to do is not judging each moment as “good” or “bad”. It’s a moment. It’s an outcome. Learn something from it or not and move on. But, that’s all it is: a moment in time. It doesn’t represent what the rest of our lives are going to look like . Nor the next moment. Let it go. “Good” or “bad.”

And so we erase the slate clean as we move on knowing the past does not equal the future and we must expect greatness to come our way. Otherwise I’m convinced we attract less than stellar circumstances that come our way. Don’t get caught up with the results. That’s not important. It’s moving forward and expecting the best that is.