It would seem nowadays we find ourselves doing the same tasks, driving the same streets, engaging in the same work again and again and again. 2 years ago I may have slipped into auto-pilot when it came to such matters, but these are not regular days any more. There has been political turmoil, civil unrest and this thing called a global pandemic on our hands.

I lost a friend and work colleague to Covid recently and those repetitious duties we would partake in together are now just a memory. Did I take those times for granted? Probably. Is there any way I could have understood how precious those moments were? No. Do I wish I could have them again? You better believe it.

There is a part of me that takes comfort in the repetitious doings throughout my day. As I’m sure for all of us. I think it has to do with the “knowing.” We’ve done it before, no surprises. We have a good idea of the outcome. I’m not saying fill your lives with these moments, however I don’t find myself walking through them numb to the world around me nearly as much any more. I engage in them deeper. Because I do my best to remind myself I will never be in this exact moment again.