I’m fascinated by human behavior. Specifically, how a person can excel or be extremely “successful” in one aspect of their lives and struggle in another. I do the same in my life. Some things come easier to me than other things. That’s natural. I get it.

What I don’t understand is lack of awareness. Whether that’s socially: interrupting other people while talking or taking over a group conversation, physically: stepping into someone’s space while in a line at a grocery store, or any other way it plays out as a human being. It boggles my mind that some people can be so evolved in some ways and in other ways they choose to remain where they are – that seems to be the same place they were 10 years prior or even longer.

All we can do is work on ourselves. Continue to learn, grow and evolve and hold ourselves responsible. This is how I intend to live my life and it makes sense to me. It may be different for everyone. But, to go through life remaining ignorant and/or unaware is no longer an excuse . It can’t be.

We all have too much information at our disposal. Let’s utilize it and become the best version of ourselves we can be everyday.

Why not.