Making and delivering on a promise to yourself and others fortifies the contract you have made with yourself to commit to that specific task – most of the time -when no one else has any idea you made it. This is why it’s paramount to keep them.

These small victories you have with yourself boosts not only your self-esteem, confidence and momentum, but it sets a precedence within yourself that you refuse to take short cuts. It’s a declaration in which you are dedicated to the building blocks of commitment and what comes with it. In that forging of the self during that journey, ultimately is why we make these promises. Under great pressure and heat is the time when these metals become the finished steel we take into battle.

I have to know my “armor” is a tool I can count on to take me through the multiple and diverse actions called upon to accomplish my intentions.

No matter how big or small, these kept or unkept promises make a person who they become over time. Who are you?