Unfortunately, when we receive advice and/or constructive criticism from other people their intentions can be less than constructive. Maybe they have an agenda or their life experiences have taken them down a path that is less than inspiring and they are projecting their own disappointment and failures on you. I’ve been pretty lucky in my life as I feel like I have gleaned more positive information than negative. Others aren’t so lucky. Maybe this is one of the reasons I like helping young people.

Nevertheless, without being paranoid or going through life jaded and cynical, we must sort through the opinions of others and decide whether it resonates with us or not. This can be challenging to say the least, especially when we haven’t had a whole lot of life experiences behind us. This is why we must draw upon the masters that came before us in the appropriate field. In addition, you have to go out on a limb refraining from being a sheep in the heard, but rather go in a direction which you feel is your path.

Surrounding yourself with loving people you trust is paramount. Having a “safe house” where you can relax, reflect and rejuvenate can make the difference between falling off the rails and following your dreams.