I was fortunate enough to visit Italy a couple of years ago and the way people view their work day is drastically different than the way we do it here in the States. No one is racing to get out the door in the morning, lunches last 2-3 hours and every one just wants a good tan.

Not a bad way to go through your day. I’m not sure you would find many people in these parts who would subscribe to such a lifestyle. It’s not right or wrong – just different.

But, it begs the question: What is your work pace? 12 hour days? 8 hour days + Saturdays? 4 days a week with Friday’s off and 10 hour days? Not sure. I’m in a constant flux with that. Always looking for the right balance. We don’t take 2 hours for lunch and then take a nap after around here. Maybe we should. Not sure.

But, I do know you have to do what you love. I’ve heard that if you love something, work really hard at getting good at it. That way you may be fortunate to do it every day for the rest of your life – and call it a job.