Shut it down.

I’ve heard it said that it’s the space between the bars that keeps the tiger in the cage and it’s the silence between the notes that make the music. Then perhaps it’s our down time between the hustle and bustle where we can draw upon our creativity for new and brilliant ideas.

I know for me, inspiration comes to me when I’m not pressing. When my body is occupied by doing something else – such as running – and my mind is free to wander. I believe running – and walking for that matter – are a form of meditation, and what a great way to give your mind space to stretch out and play. It’s the closest way I can subscribe to as effective multi-tasking.

My Sunday mornings are open for such experiences and I look forward to them every week. Schedule a time when you can have some “down time” to do nothing. Before long, you’ll have a myriad of great ideas coming in with grace and ease. Don’t discount them just because they flowed to you without resistance. Sometimes, those are the beautiful gems.