I read a really great story about a dignitary years ago and I have always done my best to keep it in mind as I continue this journey through life.

The story goes like this: One day in a high-ranking officials office in a distant country, he was having a meeting with another politician of importance when the discussion began to get a bit heated and this VIP couldn’t help himself and got caught up in the moment and began to raise his voice when all of the sudden the door to his office opened immediately and a very professional looking woman walks into the room with confidence straight to the man of purpose and whispers into his ear. He immediately nods his head and a calms down, then continues his conversation with his guest.

Not much longer into their conversation, he begins to work himself into a bit of a lather once again – as his voice intensifies and begins to raise. Moments later the door to his office opens and the same woman walks into the room straight to the man’s ear and whispers into it. He nods his head, mumbles “Yes, yes. Thank you.” He continues his conversation grounded and calm.

Several minutes go by and once again the luminary starts to raise his voice when his office door opens quickly again and the professional woman enters, whispers into his ear and walks out closing the door behind her.

After the third time the guest turns to the politician and says, “I’m sorry to interrupt our conversation, but I just have to ask you, what is that woman saying to you when she comes into the room?” The man responds, “Oh, that’s easy. She tells me to remember Rule #6.” His guest, nods his head and says, “Oh. Okay” He pauses for a moment and then asks, “What is Rule #6?

The officeholder tells his guest, “Rule #6 is: Don’t take yourself so Goddamn seriously.” The guest takes in this information as he nods and then says, “What are the other rules?” The dignitary replies, “There are no other rules.”