Often times I grapple with a couple of different approaches when moving through life. Obviously, I have over-simplified these ideas for the purpose of this blog, but nevertheless, you get the idea.

One avenue is having a fairly-strict discipline and grinding it out keeping focus on your intentions making progress, yet hitting it daily, learning as you go relying on my sheer perseverance and tenacity to get me the results I’m looking for.

The second is a much more “care-free” approach and enjoying the journey of life wherever it may take you and enjoying yourself along the way. Accepting exactly where you are knowing it’s the perfect place for the moment. And not getting too caught up in the results, but focusing more on the moment and the journey along the way.

It’s no secret: The blend of the two perspectives serves as the best way for me to move through life. Just as a commercial jet must constantly adjust it’s course heading on a flight from L.A. to New York, I must adjust my direction and methods in order to maintain the most efficient and effective approach for where I am in that moment.

We all want a finished template to use in proper situation in order to get the perfect results. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. It’s a moving target and we must stay on our toes and make adjustments.