Whenever I have made a choice to remain open to what the world has in store for me, I have always benefited from the results somehow or some way. Maybe not in that moment – in linear time, but down the road. The opposite would be to convince yourself you have control over everything that occurs in your universe and how it turns out. Well, to some degree, but there are enough elements out of your control to complicate matters.

The moment I think I have it all figured out is when I’m blindsided by something I couldn’t have imagined coming down the pipe. And this is why I must constantly remind myself to remain open and fluid. Roll with it. Stop judging. Expect the best results.

Whether it’s an individual I’m carrying on a conversation with that I just met, heading into a business meeting or considering diving into the next artistic endeavor – refrain from allowing your judgement to taint the moment.

Remain present in the moment and let the next one unfold as it was meant to be. Your pre-judgement of the situation or the outcome only depletes you from having a genuine experience and more importantly possibly making a deep connection with another human being.

And who knows – you might just find some joy in what you’re doing.