How often do you start your day with an intention? Do you take any time on Sunday to Rest, Reflect and Rejuvenate for the upcoming week? How about looking over what’s to come and putting together a plan on what’s important to you and what you would like to focus on the next 6 days?

I don’t do it nearly enough. Every time I do, I realize how focused and productive my week is afterwards. This is always a lesson for me. Writing down what is important to you is not only important – it’s necessary for staying on task, having a record of your process and a way to gage your progress as well helping you process your thoughts. The act of writing down your thoughts for me is a close to therapy as I can get without speaking with another person.

The older I become, the more I realize how important it is for me to be intentional with every task I choose to take on. It sounds silly. Don’t you already have an idea of what you want before doing something? Yes, but many times I engaged in an activity without really thinking it through of what I expect to get out of it. I’m not saying you have to write out a list every time you start a an activity, but if you remain aware of what your expectations are and how it fits into the big picture of your day or week, you may find more meaning in your work. You may also realize it’s just a waste of your time or better yet, you need to spend more time and preparation the next time you begin that task.

I moved pretty fast when I was younger, but I also wasn’t very efficient with my time. Being older I move slower, but I feel I’m much more efficient and effective with the passing of time and it’s because I do my best to approach my day With Intention.