Have you ever looked back on pictures when you were younger and thought to yourself? “Things were so great back then. Life was so much more simple. Look at how much hair I had. If I knew I looked like that, I would have wore a swimming suit around all the time.”

Here’s the deal: You can do that the rest of your life. Look back and glorify what once was or you can declare today as one of The Good Ole Days. It’s up to you.

To me that means being present in the moment and relishing each and every experience you have throughout your day without looking forward to the next activity. It’s so easy to do that it becomes second nature for us. “I can’t wait for this weekend.” “My vacation is only 3 weeks away.” “When summer comes . . . ” The problem with this way of living your life is – your not living it. Your so focused on the next moment you have completely missed out on the one in front of you.

The title of this blog comes from a friend of mine. We were talking on the phone about our children and reminiscing about when they were younger. I brought up exactly what I’m writing about here and then he said something really profound. He said, “we can’t keep living our lives like this, there needs to be another way to look at it. These have to be the good ole days.”

I agreed.