Sometimes the best thing to say is . . . nothing.

We feel at times obliged to make a comment, give our opinion and let others know about our experience. There are times when this helps, no doubt. However, there are many opportunities missed to keep our mouths shut and actively listen.

In fact, more times than not keeping quiet can not only be a great opportunity to learn, but also a sign of strength and a time for the other person in the conversation to talk it through for themselves. In essence, you’re there to support them.

We tend to learn a lot when we listen. Whether it’s to your children, an employee or even someone you just met. We all can get a bit too eager to share our list of accolades, epiphanies and breakthroughs rather than remaining quiet and actively listening to another person’s opinion and/or life experiences.

You never know, you might just learn something you didn’t know, you may empower them more than you know and/or may make a deep connection with another human being by empathizing with them and finding a common bond.