One of my best friends passed away a few years back to cancer. She fought until the end like the true warrior she was. She said there was one positive thing that came from the moment she received the diagnosis and that she immediately knew what was most important in her life. In a matter of moments her priorities were instantly in order. There was no confusion. No distractions. It was crystal clear. It was her family and her passion for telling stories.

Can we boil down in a moment what is paramount in our lives without the diagnosis of cancer? Maybe not in a matter of moments, but over time, I believe we can.

We must not get distracted in the big picture, nor on a daily basis with what we are intending to attract into our lives. Another words, what we’re focusing on. If our goal is to get into better physical condition and improve our overall health, we must have the discipline to remain focused throughout the day. Going for a 2 mile jog in the morning and then sitting on the couch watching TV and eating junk food the rest of the day won’t work.

I get it. In today’s world there is so much to get distracted by. So simplify. Would being on your phone 3 hours a day checking your Instagram account or Twitter feed or any other activity that you indulge in as a distraction to keep you from facing what is important be worth it? I guess it depends on how clear you are with your priorities.

Maybe you should get clear on that first and then simplify your life to do those things.