I’ve always admired people who move through life with grace. There is something about them that makes me want to be around them more. Especially when going through some sort of crisis and/or difficulty. It’s as if they know a secret that no one else does. And maybe they do.

Maybe they realize there is something much larger than the immediate problem they’re dealing with at hand. Maybe they know huffing and puffing through life is no way to carry on in order to evolve as we connect and support others. Or maybe they know how to pull back the zoom lens on their lives and keep in perspective what’s important.

I find when I get worked up about something in my day to day I’m too close to the issue and need to get proper perspective. Is the importance of this issue really match your reaction? Maybe we need to put this situation into perspective, Jim.

Probably so.

Grace. So elegant. Unassuming. Dignified. And strong.