There is no doubt we are in a time where gathering information can be quite confusing. Whether it be news or otherwise, it would seem that we have to work harder than ever sifting through the information to get to the truth of the matter in order to inform ourselves properly.

As humans, we often times draw from a particular source in order to get the information we want to hear rather than need to hear.

It’s not easy, no doubt. How do we know the information we are receiving is impartial once we find one a source? It would seem to me, the line between truth and non-truth has become more blurry over the years. I find myself having to make a concerted effort to seek out my information from sources I feel are reliable. This can take time.

And then I think to myself: Am I receiving non-biased information here, or am I being bamboozled as well?

Not sure. But, I’m not going to stop looking. I believe it’s worth it.