Some would say it’s an anacronym for: False Evidence Appearing Real.

However you perceive it, I can say that most of the time the things I fear – which is usually something that is future-based and hasn’t yet happened – don’t turn out the way it’s depicted in my mind.

The question then is: why do we continue to feel fear over and over? Don’t we ever learn our lesson? That’s your ego trying to keep you safe. Safe from what you may be asking? Good question.

Failure. Success. Banishment. Basically, anything that disrupts the status quo. Your ego wants you to remain right where you are: Comfortable. Stagnate. Included. The problem is that’s exactly where you don’t want to be when you’re attracting what you want into your life. You must “risk it all” in order reap the big rewards. I’m not talking about risking your life, but rather ignoring the voice in your head that is telling you “start tomorrow,” or “your the most important thing in this world.” or “everyone else is an idiot, you’re the genius.”

Rather ask the question: “How may I serve?” and then remain quiet. Over time, you will begin to hear a still small voice within that will guide you in the direction of your true intentions.

That’s when you should be paying attention.