Staying in your own lane and handling what you can control is an on-going challenge for me. It can be much easier to point fingers at others, shirk responsibility and become highly critical of someone’s else behavior rather than objectively look at your own to see what can be adjusted, fixed or changed.

In today’s “cancel culture” fueled by social media, it’s easier now more than ever, to never have to look at our own behavior. This is not healthy for anyone.

There are too many distractions. We are being bombarded by enormous amounts of information hurling towards us on a daily basis. No wonder we feel overwhelmed. Anxious. Fractured.

Simplify. And then go deep. Deep into your interests. Deep into relationships. Deep into your craft. Deep into others. Deep into your mind. Refrain from scratching the surface and then moving on. Go deeper.

Why, you ask? Because it’s rare. Because it’s easier not to. Because the chances of finding out more about your true self increases dramatically. Because it’s the path less traveled. Because you can connect with others. Because you’re worth it.