I can only write from experience. And this is what I know: When someone believes in me – trusts me and gives me the opportunity to reach within and pull out my best – even though I may not have had successes to the same degree prior to that moment – more times than not, I have rose to the occasion.

Obviously, there has to be a belief within myself as well. It cannot solely come from another person. There needs to be something inside of me that believes I can accomplish the task at hand as well. But, there is definitely something special about giving another person the opportunity – because of your belief in them – to find their best part of themselves and show it to the world.

I’m convinced this belief in another person actually raises their energy levels so they can tap into a higher potential. It feels like that for me. And it’s happened more than once.

Give someone a shot. Tell them you believe in them. Even though they may not at that moment. Give the gift of belief and then pay attention to the results. You may just become a believer as well.