There seems to be people in the world who radiate beauty. No, I don’t mean looks. That is baked into our genes. What I’m referring to is from the grace in their bodies as they walk down the sidewalk to how they speak with strangers they encounter in a day or even how they handle themselves when the fit hits the shan. I love to be around these people. Why?

I think it’s because I love to be around others who make life look easy. I’m well aware they have probably worked extremely hard to arrive at that place, but it’s inspiring to me. It’s like watching a really great athlete in their environment doing what they do best. So fluid. So graceful. So effortless.

There is a story I heard years ago that goes something like this: There were two mean in an elevator and one of them was white, the other an African American. The white man turned to the other man and said, “Tie my shoe.” The black man looked back at him for a brief moment and then bent down and tied his shoe. The elevator stopped and the white man walked off.

Later that night there was a conference of esteemed politicians and dignitaries that gathered for topics of interest. The white man was in the audience and was amazed to see on the panel of important leaders – the man he demanded tie his shoe. He couldn’t help himself as he felt immediately humbled. He walked up to the dignitary dressed in a suit and tie and asked him why he tied his shoe when he asked him. The man replied, “Because you looked like a man who needed help.”

I love that story because it tells so much about each man. The white man would seem wounded with an ego and a bit cynical. While the black man just the opposite. His response to why he helped him seems to be so telling as well. “Because you looked like a man who needed the help.” I know it’s not meant to – but if that’s not a shot to someone’s character, I don’t what is. So telling. I love it.

I want to be that Dignitary. I want to drop my ego and help others. To give. To laugh and connect. I want to see the best in others. To inspire. I want to shine. I want to be a radiant soul.

What say you?