There are a few different types of focus that continue to resurface on a daily basis for me.

Long-term Focus and Short-term Focus. Either one can become a challenge as life happens throughout the day and fires break out in one area or another. We can too often find ourselves dealing with these issues one after the other and before we know it, we have run out of time and unable to put an effort towards what we set out to do at the beginning of the day.

Other times, we can get caught up in accomplishing a project and wonder how this fits into the big picture of where we’re going. I am guilty of this quite often.

What I have found helps me stay on track is writing down on a weekly basis, what is important to me at the time. Not often enough, do I sit down and write out long-term objectives, goals and accomplishments I intend to attract into my life through a concerted effort.

This is where I tend to lose my focus the most; in the long-term.

I never regret the times I do sit down and go through my goals – whether that be 3-6 months, 1-3 years or 5+ years out. And more times than not, I attract what I put my focus on without having a concrete plan at the time of how to accomplish it.

This is what inevitably always brings me back to do it again. It is always worth my time in the end. And I can use it as a map for myself to make sure I stay on the trail of focus and not stray off into the forest.