I have found over the years, one of my biggest blind spots is getting married to an idea and not letting go of it. Whether it benefits me or not. I’m not exactly sure why we do this as human beings. We choose a stance and refuse to move from it. At least I do. Why do we feel obligated to subscribe to a point of view/idea/belief that doesn’t work for us? Fear. Fear of taking responsibility for our actions – positive and not so positive. Possibly.

Maybe we should be married to the outcome instead of our own dogma. Or even better, we could implement sound principles and integrity to our intentions and carry those through all of our work and have faith the results will be exactly what we need when we need it.

All too often I show up for a new day to face down a challenge with a preconceived notion of how I’m going to take it on. Instead, maybe we can arrive on the scene without our baggage from the past and a newfound willingness to be open to what’s in front of us. Approaching our challenge with fresh eyes, without our ego and allowing our inner-compass to guide us to our results.