As you get older, you begin to measure your life in 5-10 year increments. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems to ring true in my life. Probably when I was younger too. It’s a proper amount of time to accomplish some substantial goals for yourself.

For example, I have been learning how to play the drums. It’s been about a year and a half – once a week – and (depending on how much I practice between lessons) I can probably become pretty proficient in 5 years. I’m not looking to be in a band, but . . .

It’s enough time to change and form new habits and establish them to the point where you can begin to bear the fruit of them and point your life in a whole new direction. One you may not have thought possible 5 years prior.

The compounding effect of all of your work can really begin to gain traction and major progress will be a given.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Lay a solid foundation of clear and intentional habits and lay one brick to the best of your ability everyday. After 5 years, you may have yourself a wall.