As we look back on our year, let’s make sure we give ourselves credit where credit is due and take responsibility for the things we could have done better. There’s no guilt. No shame. It’s life. We learned. We grew.

As the old sage’s say, “You can never step in the same stream twice.” The way I comprehend that, is even if you cross the stream at the exact same place as you did the time before, the water that you’re passing through is not the same water from your previous trip. It’s fresh water from upstream. They are new circumstances. Such is life.

Now we get a fresh start. I love fresh starts. I love morning sunrises, fresh powder, new note pads, blank canvas, I love them all. It’s a way to start from scratch and do your best to strive for perfection once again. Sure, you’ll never be perfect, but I like shooting for it.

Let’s start fresh with the wisdom of this past year within us. No strings with limitless potential.

Remember: Anything can be the gateway to everything.