I believe there is real power in finding a mentor when getting started in any field. Finding someone who has more experience and is willing to share some of their insights can be quite productive – for both of you.

Obviously, it’s important to find someone who is in a similar field, but their morals, integrity and principles can be a difference maker.

You may not find a mentor who lines up with you in every way, but that’s not a deal-breaker. What’s important is for you to get started and begin to make intelligent decisions on how you differ from them and how you would like to continue your path – whether that would be the same or different.

The more time you spend learning, growing and evolving with this person, the more clear your style will become solidified.

Everyone can use a little help along the way. Modeling someone who has had success in your area of interest is a great way of moving forward. Whether it’s a formal relationship or you follow at a distance.

Good luck.