More times than not, we regret not participating in something rather than saying, “I wish I hadn’t spend my time doing that.” Not always. But, if you were to say “yes” to everything, odds are you would still be ahead of the game as opposed if you were to say “no” to everything.

We tend to learn, grow and evolve more by doing in life rather than standing on the sidelines and spectating. However, humans don’t like to do things they are not good at. We don’t like to fail. We tend to try things we have moderate success at right away and stick with that.

Maybe we should follow our hearts instead of our skills. Maybe there is something to say about learning your craft. Doing things you have a passion for may just raise your commitment level. With commitment comes dedication. With dedication comes a work ethic. Who knows, you might just improve your skills.

What may fulfill you in the long-term may not be what comes natural to you, but rather what fills your soul.

But, what do I know.