I’ve never felt the desire to join a running group and meet for drinks after, look at Christmas lights or have treasure hunts to motivate me to go for a run. I don’t belong to a gym, as I don’t need to mix my workouts with socializing. Nor do I feel obligated to pay a company for my fitness. In addition, and with all due respect to those this may effect, if you can drink a hot coffee while doing whatever it is your doing, it’s not exercise. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a get-together. Wow! I sound pretty salty this morning.

However, working with a partner or even a group can keep you on task and hold you accountable for keeping your end of the bargain – commitment. Knowing you are in it with someone else can raise the stakes enough for you so you don’t flake out on your wingman.

I’m involved with a year-long leadership course that involves a total of 5 of us showing up weekly to take in material, do homework, setting goals, working on ourselves and discussing with the group any questions and sharing stories if so inclined.

I’m not quite sure what to expect, but after having our first meeting, I get a sense that sharing your deepest fears, desires, flaws, etc. with like-minded people who are looking to evolve as well could be a really great thing.

We’ll see. Time will tell.