There’s a reality show called “Naked and Afraid.” The premise of the show is to pair two complete strangers with each other – usually a man and a woman – in the middle of nowhere without food, clothing and shelter to see how long they can survive until they call it quits.

More times than not, the big burly man that has 45 plus pounds on the slender-framed woman taps out first. Why? Because it’s a mental world, not a physical one.

Sure you have to be able to execute tasks of strength in order to extend your days in the bush, but many of these obstacles can be overcome with problem-solving skills and primitive tools. What’s more difficult to overcome is your own mind. Especially, when you give up.

The men talk themselves out of the game before giving themselves a fair chance to stay put and overcome the challenges the couple face.

Such is life. Don’t talk yourself out of it because the task/problem/challenge seems too daunting. Just take one piece at a time. You never know, everything may shift in the next minute.

But, you will never find out if you don’t hang in there.