It’s a funny thing – the darkness. It would seem I’ve had a few – just as I’m sure other people have as well – negative experiences during the blackness of the night. Whether that’s hallucinogenic dreams and body aches due to the flu, a phone call that a loved-one has passed or sometimes straight-up anxiety because we have time to lay in our bed in the midnight hours as our mind runs free like a wild stallion on the western landscape reminding you of all your worries.

The night may just parallel the recesses of our minds at times. It would seem all hope is lost during those gloomy hours when there is an absence of light. Until, of course, the sun begins to rise and the skies slowly fade to blue.

It feels as if our hope is being lifted with the rising of the sun. Shortly our space is filled with light and warmth stretching to each and every corner. We shrug off the bleak views we once stood by just hours ago. We’re able to see what’s in front of us – to know what’s coming and where we’ve been. It’s comforting.

Or we can subscribe to faith. Blind as it may be, it may just be the answer to those long dark nights.