Life is full of choices. From the kind clothes you’re going to wear that day to the people you choose to associate and surround yourself with. There are obvious elements where we don’t have any say. Such as the color of your skin, to the country you were born in or who your parents are.

But, to overlook the power of our choices throughout a day, a week, a month and years, is a grave mistake on our part. Most of the time we make the choices we make because we are not informed about the situation or because we don’t see the ramifications of how that choice will effect us down the line.

If I showed you the lungs of a person who smoked cigarettes for 25 years, via an autopsy, and went through every organ and how it was effected by all the chemicals being taken in and how many years that person’s life was cut short due to their habit for a quarter of a century, you will be able to make a more informed decision when someone asks you if you want a smoke.

I understand we have an overload of information coming at us on a daily basis and this can be overwhelming in and of itself. But, maybe if we can do our best to inform ourselves a bit more we can find ourselves making stronger decisions that benefit us down the road, rather than hurt us.

Maybe we can just start with one today.